Our trading division is ably supported by knowledgeable sales team selected from the marine industry, with vast experience in the markets both in the U.A.E and outside. We stock and supply wide variety of marine accessories, equipment, anchors and anchoring systems, navigation systems & aids, various types of steering systems, engines and propulsion systems, gen sets, marine air-conditioning, spare parts, safety equipment, and diving gear & hardware, and boat care products.

We hold agencies and are dealers for some of the finest brands of ship board equipment, accessories and boat care products, beside working with most of the local dealers and agents of many of the other brands to provide full support to the needs of our clients, both local and overseas. Our trading division not only caters to the markets within the U.A.E but also beyond such as India and other gulf countries.

Our Product Offerings

01 Garmin Garmin GPS and Navigation Chart plotters & Combos, Sonal Modules, Panoptix, Fish finders/GPS Combos, Transducers, Radar, Autopilots, Communications, Wind Sensors, Handhelds & Marine, Fitness, sports & Aviation Wearables
02 Atomic Aquatics Atomic Aquatics Diving Accessories Regulators, Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Computer, Knives
03 Evinrude E-tec Evinrude E-tec Outboard Engines Marine Outboard Engines
04 Fusion Fusion Entertainment Stereo Units, Audio Solution Packages, Speakers, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Marine Docks, Remote Control, Accessories
05 Bare Dive Bare Dive Diving Accessories Wetsuits, Wet Layers, Drysuits,Dry Layers, Technical Drysuites, Mask, Fins, Snorkels
06 Zeagle Zeagle Diving Accessories BCDS (All BCS, Sport BCS, Blackplates, Optional Bladders), Regulators, Octos, Gauges, Redundant AIR, Accessories
07 Sharkskin Sharkskin Watersports Apparel Vest, Longpants & Shortpants, Undergarments, Pogies & Socks, Hoods, Watersport Gloves, Beanie
08 Liquivision Liquivision Wrist Mounted Dive computers Dive Computers, Air Integration, Computer Accessories
09 Seac Seac Diving Accessories Regulators, Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Instruments, Knives, Drysuits, Wetsuits, Buoys, BC, Lights, Sling Guns, Pneumatic guns
10 Koshin Koshin Water Pump Battery Winch, Bilge Pump, Rubber Impeller Pump
11 Flir Flir Marine Cameras Night Vision Cameras
12 KVH KVH Satellite Communications Satellite TV antennas, Mini-Vsat (for broadband connectivity)
13 Epsealon Epsealon Satellite Communications Satellite TV antennas, Mini-Vsat (for broadband connectivity)
14 Bluesea Bluesea Electrical products Battery Chargers & Dimmers, Automatic Charging Relays, Battery Switches, Solenoids, Busbars & Insulators, Fuses & Fuse Blocks, Circuit Breakers, Switches & Panels, Meters
15 Hella Hella Marine Lights Navigation Lamps, Floodlights, Interior/Exterior Lamps, Courtsey Lamps, Boat Trailer Lighting
16 Light & Motion Light & Motion Under Water Lighting Under Water Lighting
17 Trident Trident Diving Accessories Diving Accessories
18 Stahlsac Stahlsac Dive and Watersport Luggage Carry on bags, Wheeled bags, Mesh Backpacks, Mesh Duffles, Flat Mesh Bags
19 Pacific Aerials Pacific Aerials Marine Comunication antennas Antennas for AIS, AM/FM, VHF, Multi-Band
20 Shakespeare Shakespeare Marine Comunication antennas Antennas for AIS, AM/FM, VHF, Multi-Band
21 Catalina Cylinders Catalina Cylinders Compressed Gas Cyclinders CNG Cyclinders, Aluminium Gas Cyclinders
22 Bauer Compressors Bauer Compressors Industrial and Breathing Air applications Dive and Fire Products, Fire Products
23 Plastimo Plastimo Recreational Boating products Safety-Lifejackets, Mooring & Tenders, Compasses
24 Golight Golight Marine Lights Marine Lights
25 Lenco Lenco Switch Kits Trim Tab Kits, Benett Retrofit Kits, Hatch Lifts, Actuators
26 A.B. Biller A.B. Biller Speargun Spear Gun, Pole Spears, Travel Spears, Hawaiian Sling
27 Shearwater Shearwater Dive Computers Dive Computers
28 Attwood Attwood Marine products Duel Systems, Electrical, Seating, Mooring, Fishing Rod Holders, Trolling Motors
29 Pacer Group Pacer Group Marine Cables Wire & Cable, Battery Cable Assemblies, Terminals & Connectors, ID products, Electrical Parts & Tools, Wire management, Tape & Sealant, Switches & Switch covers, Panels
30 Sea Pearls Sea Pearls Diving Lead Weights Weights, Weight Belts, Cyclinders, Valves, Tank Accessories, Tools, Custom Lead
31 Moeller Moeller Marine Electrical Automation & Motor Control, Power Distribution, Circuit Protection, UPS Backup & Montoring
32 Seastar Solutions Seastar Solutions Outboard Engines Application Electronic Power Steering, Hydraulic steering, Mechnical Steering, Controls & Cables, Seastar Jackplates
33 T-H Marine T-H Marine Boat Parts and Boat Accessories Access Hatches & Doors, Aeration & Plumbing, Battery Trays, Boat Lights, Deck and Hull Hardware, Deck Plates, Fishing Rod Holders, Lid Latches & Hardware, Rigging Accessories, Storage, Holders, Mount, Throttles & Steering, Trailering Accessories, Trolling Motor Accessory, Vents & Fuel Systems
34 Dulon Dulon Cleaning Products Cleaning Products Like 2-Component Boat Care, Polish & Wax Care, General Boat Care, Technique Care, Glass Care, Teak Care, Synthetic Care, Metal Care
35 Marlin Marlin Life Jackets Children Life Jacket, Adult Life Jacket, Manual Life Jacket, Automatic Life Jacket, Wet Clothing
36 Bitter Company Bitter Company Marine Lights Led G4 Lights, Led Rope Lights, Led Tourch, Led Lightings
37 Osculati Osculati Boat Parts and Boat Accessories Stainless Steel Hardware, Lightings, Winchs, Fenders, Hinges, Seats etc
38 Quick Quick Boat Accessories and Lighting Winchs, Bow Thrusters, Ceiling Lights, Led Lights etc
39 Zeagle ProBox Speakers Different Sizes of Speakers, Amplifiers, Audio System
40 Sharkskin Polyform Fenders Fenders, Buoys, Mooring, Accessories
41 Liquivision WoKart WaterCraft WoKart, Trailers
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